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Our Introduction
Welcome to the "Best High-Efficiency Particle Air Filter"
Dexwet Filters have Added a 6th Air Filtration Principle “Turbulence & Absorption”
Turbulence & Absorption
Our Introduction
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Dexwet Air Filter Advantages Continued
In addition to our standard solutions listed above, our designs, filter materials, absorberadditives, and essential oils can be combined to provide a customized solution for almost limitless air filtration solutions
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AC Penguin Prestige

Design of Staggered Filter Rods with Sticky Absorber Fluid
  1. Very Low Air Resistance
  2. High Particle Loading Capacity
  3. No Shredding
  4. Increasing Effectiveness
  5. Effectiveness in High Humidity
  6. Sustainable Product
  7. Reduced Costs
  8. Filtration Effectiveness

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AC PENGUIN PRESTIGE,an installer and manufacturer of heat pump products with AHI/UL certification ,originally located in Bronx,New York City has relocated to 1929 Lafayette Street in Hartford,Connecticut.

In purchasing the building at 1929 Lafayette street in Hartford,Connecticut,the decision was made to offer a thrust to the business that will not only create an income generator for the company,but to have a lasting impact on the community ,the STATE OF CONNECTICUT and the United States in showcasing the best practises of an effective business culture that can thrive ,while having a positive impact for the future.

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